Film and Sound Editor, Video Production and Multimedia Development

Avid trained and specialising in Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools. Fully equipped mobile editing studio based in Herefordshire. Creative and technical consultancy on Mac OSX computer systems. 25 years freelance experience on documentary and drama film and video productions for independent television and corporate/non-profit sectors.


Tune For The Blood – A feature length documentary – 100 mins.






The average age of a UK farmer is 58 years. Traditional family farms are increasingly under threat. The film follows the lives of a new generation from family farms in rural Herefordshire over a year as they face challenges of farming and keeping their communities alive in the modern world.
Film Editor and Sound Editor. Independent Production for Cantilupe Projects, 2012.
Director: Anne Cottringer. More Information:


Over The Hill? – As series of eight, 7-12 minute documentaries.






All across England, older people are devising and delivering solutions to the challenges they experience living in rural communities and each of the eight Case Studies featured here demonstrates innovative ways of doing this.
Video Editor. The Rural Media Company for The Nationwide Foundation, 2011.
Director: Anne Cottringer. More Information:


Life On The Black Mountains – Video documentary,  20 mins.


The story of traditional family farming practice in rural Herefordshire told through recently discovered film archive footage.
Editor and Sound Editor Independent production for Borderlines Film Festival, 2007. Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso.


The Audition – Comedy drama, 3 mins.






Starring John Henshaw and Alex Reid, In some jobs nothing happens. You say, “What can I do in three minutes? I say I only need one, the other two you can have back”.
Offline Editor. Calling the Shots for BBC3’s New Talent Award, 2006. Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso.


Wartime Secrets – Video documentary, 32 mins.






An archive of film shot at a secret wartime aircraft production factory in Hereford during 1942 was recently discovered. The film tells the fascinating story of the people who worked there.
Video Editor. Independent production for Borderlines Film Festival, 2005. Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso.


Phone-O-Phobia – Video drama, 10 mins.

Starring Mark Charnock and Shabana Akhtar Bakhsh. Lee lives in bedsit hell, constantly disturbed by the payphone in the hall. It’s never for him – so why does he answer it?
Film Editor. and Sound Editor. Dreamfinder Films for Carlton Digital Shorts, 2004. Director: Naomi Vera-Sanso.