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Harbour voices interactive audio Trail & Web Site for Rivers To The Sea/Aberystwyth Museum

Aberystwyth marina trail
Y Filltir Sgwâr, Digital Storytelling Audio Resource on DVD and Website
Mosquito Night, Audio installation, Wellcome Trust Exhibition and Website
Video Box, Touchscreen Installation, National Library of Wales and website

HomegoundPlant Dyed Wool WebsiteMosquitonight WebsiteDavid England WebsiteHoneysuckledirection WebsiteSaltaire Films Website


Client Websites:


CDRom Production: Its my Time for Hearts Partnership, Creative Breaks Workshops Interactive Promo.







The MOSQUITO NIGHT performance took place on digitally printed 4x5M floor designed by Emily Campbell, featuring imagery of tropical plants and insects, pools and puddles. Outside performance times the performance space could be visited as an Installation; the floorscape could be visited, walked on and examined more closely. Play the 10min sound file below:


The Mosquito Night website includes resources and project images. Funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Currently In Production: Web presentation of the artist Clifford Mclucas – curation of works for the proposal of a retrospective exhibition at the National Library of Wales. Website for sculptor Veronica Dance.
In Development: The Battle of Mortimers Cross – Interactive mediascape & audo app, Kilpeck Church – Interactive mediascape & audio App.